Routines to compute sky positions of Sun, Moon, planets and more
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 asteroids.f90Procedures to compute asteroid positions and more for libTheSky
 code_version.f90Source file generated by CMake to report the libTheSky version used
 comets.f90Contains modules and procedures to compute comet positions and properties for libTheSky
 coordinates.f90Procedures to perform coordinate transformations, apply precession, and more for libTheSky
 data.f90Procedures to define constants and read data files for libTheSky
 date_time.f90Contains date and time procedures for libTheSky
 functions.f90Contains general functions for libTheSky
 libTheSky.f90Used for documentation purposes
 modules.f90Modules used by libTheSky
 moon_position.f90Core procedures that calculate the position and magnitude of the Moon for libTheSky
 moon_routines.f90Procedures that calculate the physical data, phases and age of the Moon for libTheSky
 nutation.f90Routines to compute nutation for libTheSky
 planets.f90Procedures to compute planet positions and more for libTheSky
 riset.f90Compute rise, transit and set times, or beginning and end of twilight for libTheSky
 stars.f90Star procedures for libTheSky
 sun.f90Procedures that calculate a low-accuracy position of the Sun for libTheSky
 visibility.f90Contains procedures to determine the visibility of objects for libTheSky
 vsop.f90Core VSOP87 routines for libTheSky