Routines to compute sky positions of Sun, Moon, planets and more
Modules List
Here is a list of all modules with brief descriptions:
 Nthesky_asteroidsProcedures for asteroids
 Nthesky_bscdataData from the Bright Star Catalogue (BSC)
 Nthesky_cometdataData to compute comet positions
 Nthesky_cometsProcedures for comets
 Nthesky_constantsConstants used in libTheSky
 Nthesky_coordinatesProcedures for coordinates
 Nthesky_dataProcedures to set constants and read data files
 Nthesky_datetimeDate and time procedures
 Nthesky_functionsAssorted procedures
 Nthesky_localLocal parameters for libTheSky: location, date, time
 Nthesky_moonProcedures for the Moon
 Nthesky_moondataMoon data, needed to compute Moon positions
 Nthesky_moonroutinesProcedures for the Moon
 Nthesky_nutationProcedures for nutation
 Nthesky_planetdataPlanet data, needed to compute planet positions
 Nthesky_planetsProcedures for planets
 Nthesky_risetProcedures to determine rise, transit and set times
 Nthesky_stardataStar and basic constellation data
 Nthesky_starsProcedures for stars
 Nthesky_sunLow-accuracy procedures for the Sun
 Nthesky_versionReport libTheSky version number
 Nthesky_visibilityProcedures to determine the visibility of objects
 Nthesky_vsopProcedures for VSOP87